Another bleeping car repair!

I am sitting here like a blubbering dork crying my eyes out AGAIN. As you know, last Friday my car went in for an oil change and came out with a $300 bill for new front breaks. Today I took JL’s car in for an oil change and inspection. I told the guy if it needs something else just to bring a shot gun to my house and let me out of my misery.

Well, my father just called and the service guy was there with him. I knew it was crappy news. To add insult to injury JL’s car failed inspection. It needs new front breaks. The service guy said he fell off his chair when he heard that since it was what just happened to my car. We know that we just replaced a set of breaks on JL’s car last year, but think they were the back ones. We can’t remember and it wasn’t done there. I said screw it and told them to do it – we need the car to pass inspection. They are giving us a 25% discount since dad works there and they will have record and warranty the breaks. They said 12,000 miles or a year.


All I can say is thank goodness JL and NHL were still home when the call came in. They are late getting to temple for the last two days of Passover (I’m not going since I can’t sit in the horrible seats they have there). I lost it and he was right there to attempt to calm me down.

C’est Moi
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BTW – The service guy just went to show my father JL’s break. They were awful. He just wanted my father to see them. We honestly do not think that the front ones have been replaced since before we got married, so they really don’t owe us much . . . it was just the rotten timing.

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