Baby on the move!

This afternoon I had to talk to a co-worker on the phone about our teaching assignments for next year. Since JSL was tired I put him on the floor for tummy time on a blanket. I went out of the room to get something and came back a few minutes later. To my shock (and horror) he was several feet ahead of where I left him. I knew he had been trying to move, but had never seen a lot. So I put him back and moved to watch. Sure enough he moved 2-3 feet forward again. ACK! He isn’t even 6 weeks old and already trying to move. I am doomed! I know he isn’t sure of what he’s doing, but once he is and can hold his head up better he’s going to really take off.

C’est Moi

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  • kmelion says:

    Yeah, NS has been climbing Zach and me for the past few days. We’re going to have to set the playpen up sooner than I thought.

    BTW, we’ll be in NY during most of August…

  • theangelforever says:

    It’s amazing how quickly they learn to do things!

    I noticed you were going to be in NY. I’m guessing near NYC based on where people suggested going. MY sister-in-law and her family are in CT. Let me know when and where in NY, it would be nice to try to catch up. We live in the Capital Region area upstate, but my in-laws are in Long Island.

    I’ve been meaning to e-mail you anyway since two of my cousins are currently in Israel. One is there for a month now. Then she comes back a little before my other cousin goes back to attend the University since he’s done with his army time.