Surgery Wednesday

Last Thursday I went to the OB for my 6 week visit. Things did not go too well. The doctor retrieved a piece of what he thinks was placenta. He sent it to the lab to be checked and ordered an ultra sound for today. I just got home and it isn’t good news. There was a ton of “junk” found in the ultrasound. They told me that it’s likely a combination of placenta fragments and blood clots. So I am being scheduled for out patient surgery (D&C) Wednesday. I am so upset about this because this should have been done weeks ago. I have complained forever that things were not right, but was ignored and told it was too early. I really wish they would listen to people a little more.

I am so crampy, shaky and have been in pain the last 4-5 day. I haven’t been able to stop crying since I got out of the office meeting with the doctor. The receptionist saw and took JSL and I back into an office to sit for a few minutes. Now I’m feeling like crud and can not stop crying.

C’est Moi

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