Weekend update & Tub Follies

Boy do the weekends go quickly.

Yesterday we got ready in the morning for L, D and I to come over. D was coming to help JL to put the AC in the upstairs so we can clean it up and turn it into a playroom to utilize the space there. Unfortunately NHL was in a foul mood and did not want to play with I. For the first few hours NHL was in his room sulking and crying on his bed. He kept calling for me and asking me to play. He was a mess. Jealousy and things really seem to be hitting hard, but in a way where he’s very depressed acting. Based on the behavior we asked my parents to watch the baby so we could do a special big boy night out. We offered it up tonight and he declined to stay with Jacob at Nana and Papa’s house.

Back to yesterday. So while NHL had a fit, the rest of us watched as D and L tried JL’s Nintendo Wii. Then we all realized it was late so L and I went out to get pizza to bring back for everyone. By this time NHL was finally starting to play with I, but was still very cranky. Everyone left after the late lunch and while I was nursing JSL, JL took NHL into his room. I thought they were reading a book, but they fell asleep. I had to get JL up to take JSL so I could go to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine.

During all of this my bleeding continued. It is the same thing every day. At night it’s almost gone and I think it may end. Then from 8-1 it gets really bad and I feel horrible. I’m cringing at the thought of the ultrasound tomorrow, but I want this to end. I seem to be making up for all of the months with no period in the last 6 weeks.

Last night we stayed in and just had a nice night home. I sorted out JSL’s new clothes in 3-6 month, got NHL’s stuff out and washed it. Too bad we didn’t have any gift receipts for some of the things because we have a lot of items in this size and won’t have others since NHL and JSL are going to be different sizes in different season. Oh well.

JSL went to sleep at 10:30 in his room with NHL. He slept all night and woke up a little after 7 this morning. This morning we met up with my father for breakfast at “Bob’s Diner” for our anniversary. After that we went to Target for a few things (forgot to get more burp cloths) and then tried to get NHL’s hair cut. Unfortunately the girl that does the best and will deal with his fits with the clippers wasn’t there. Then we went home since I was cramping a lot again and needed to rest.

At home we did lunch and then the boys went outside to play with NHL’s soccer net. JSL and I eventually went outside and we had a nice time outside talking with our neighbor. NHL and I look like we may have slight sunburn since we didn’t put anything on and stayed out too long. BAD MOMMY! Then we came in and my parents called to see what we were going to do with the boys for dinner. NHL opted to go to their house with JSL. So, JL and I went out to dinner together and did a little shopping at the mall before that. After we went to the rents house and they had a cookie cake for our anniversary. Then we went home, got NHL into bed and it was time to tub the little monkey that smelled from spitting up so much.

It was the never ending tub with thing after thing that happened. To sum it up:

1 – A little poop in tub. Mommy cleans it out and back in.
2 – WHOA BABY – major action in the rear . . . lots more poop in tub. (Note this is a little tub in the sink – so it gets nasty quickly).
3 – Baby out of tub to clean it one more time. While out he manages to pee all over me (*rolling eyes*)
4 – Back into the tub again only to puke in the water this time and successful washing. Thank goodness since we were running out of clean baby wash cloths that I could locate.
5 – We managed to get him out and dressed without any more “fun” However interesting to note while Daddy was dressing him he was crying and farting to a beat. The kid is musical already!
6 – After cleaning up the tub the baby was ready to reload and nursed himself to sleep.

Now the little guy is resting quietly in the papasan chair until we put him into bed in a few minutes.

I am off to rest since I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow at 11:00 when I have the ultrasound and find out the results of the pathology from what the removed.

C’est Moi
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Happy 6th Anniversary JL. . . I love you!!!

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