Winter 2007-2008 unofficially begins

Is it OVER yet?

How sad is it that I am saying this after only one ice storm and our first real snow event of the season?  GAH!

This morning the snow began to fly just before 11:00. JSL was in his crib sleeping peacefully (thank you MOOricle) so I went out to my car to clean it off and move it up. The white nasty stuff was coming down quicker than I was able to get it off my van. *sigh*   As I was out there flipping out about getting NHL at 1:00 my father called. He was going to suggest to pick him up NOW since he had heard the roads were already bad. This was just 30 minutes into the storm and about 1 inch on the road.

So I cleaned my car off, scooped up JSL and went to pick NHL. His teacher was really nice and brought him to meet me at the door so I did not have to take the sick monkey out of he car. Poor NHL did not have his boots and wiped out on the way into the house. This stuff is powdery and slick. We are home warm and safe and just have to wait for JL to get in later on. He has a nice size trek to get here. With any luck he will be out a little early to avoid the major mess.

They are saying that we may receive 4-8 inches this storm.

This one?  

Yes, you read that right. We are getting an even larger storm coming Saturday night and all day Sunday. ICK! I am ready to pack it up and move to Florida to be closer to Disney World NOW!

Here is a photo of the white stuff as of 1:30 this afternoon. 

The winter season really begins

And now here is one of the Chanukah decorations in the window: 

Chanukah decorations

Updated storm photos to follow later. Now I just hope we can stop the ice damns from forming on our roof and flooding the inside of the house. 

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  • Shawna says:

    Stay warm! We’ve been getting inch upon inch of rain thanks to the temps being in the low 40s. I’ve never been so thankful for rain–at least it’s not snow!

  • Nancy says:

    You guys definitely got a lot more snow than we did! We got an inch or 2 of actual snow, and then layers of freezing rain on top of it. I’d rather have a lot of powdery white stuff than a couple of inches of this crap. Stay warm and safe!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Shawna: Trying to stay warm. We are using lots of blankets and attempting to stay inside. I was nice and went out to shovel some before JL got home from work. How sad when we think of 40 degrees as warm!

    Nancy: We had a really bad ice storm on Monday. I do not mind the snow, but this is getting slushy and refreezing. We still (at 10:30) have not seen a plow on our block. Last I heard we had 6.4 inches and it was still coming down. I will know more soon since we just put the weather on. Now we have to worry about the next storm coming Sunday. I’ve heard it is going to be HORRIBLE. We definitely need to fix our roof rake so we are ready for that.

    C’est Moi