4 Year old Ramblings

As we battle keeping the nine month old’s temperature down it is time to pause and note some 4 year old funnies!


Earlier today while at Nana and Papa’s house playing, NHL had the following conversation with Daddy. Set up – his kitchen playset was out and all of the food from it was spilled out on the floor.

Thinking that he was being clever JL told NHL –> You better put the food away before it spoils

NHL then asked  –> What is spoiled

JL –> That is when food goes bad and you have to throw it out.

NHL –> But Daddy, this isn’t real food it’s stuffed food!


Fast forward to potty time just a few minutes ago. The two boys had yet another intelectual conversation.

NHL –> Daddy what do you need a penis for?

JL –> Mommy do you want to field this one?

Me –> What one?

JL –> NHL asked why he needs a penis.

Me (half asleep, but still the science teacher at heart, simply said) –> Boys need it to pee.

That satisfied the quest for more information . . . at least for now. Mind you since he is a boy, and boys are always fascinated with their parts I am sure more "fun" questions will be coming soon.


More of an update about the little guy and our latest visit to the doctor later. Plus fun photos from our visit with Cousin S and Aunt M!!!


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