A tough week ahead

Dear Kid Saturdays at Cutest Kid Ever

Dear NHL and JSL,

This week is going to be a challenging one for the three of us when Daddy goes away to the wedding. With help from the two of you (and of course Nana and Papa) I know I will be able to make it. Both of you will be sad and miss Daddy, but we will be strong together. I promise that we will have extra special fun, especially on Halloween. We can also call Daddy every day/night so he can talk to both of you.

Both of you are quite attached to your Daddy. NHL, you got so close to Daddy when you went to daycare with him every day. JSL, you go to the door every morning crying for Dada, wishing he would come back in the door before the end of the day. Hopefully you will understand in your own way that Mommy will miss Daddy too. The only other times we have been apart is when each of you were born. This is very new to me too.

Hopefully with lots of hugs we will make the time go by quickly and then run to Daddy when we pick him up at the airport. Now we just need to spend lots of time with him before he goes.

I love you both so very much,



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  • Aww, good luck alone with the kids!

  • Sheila says:

    Awwww! How sad. Maybe you guys should do what they do on that one commercial….give him a stuffed animal to take with him and he’ll take a photo of it everywhere he goes and email it or picture message it in his phone. (Photo of it with the plane in the background, wedding party in the background, etc etc.)

    That’s so hard on little ones when a parent has to go away for alittle while.