Toddler sand storm

Dear JSL,

Last weekend you had a fabulous time at the lake and beyond. You loved playing with Cousin S and your big brother. You especially had a blast when we allowed you to go onto the beach. Unlike last year you were quite mobile when you hit the sand. This year you braved the the strange feeling on your toes and had fun experimenting. Much to our surprise you decided to develop your own sand catapult. This was too much fun not to record, so I quickly pulled out the camera and made a video. Years from now you will never believe that you purposely launched sand at your own head. Of course, this week all you have been saying is "Eat up dirt!"  Daddy and I think it is cute, but are a little afraid since we are heading back to the beach today. We hope that you will always find joy in the world outside, especially when with your family.






Dear Kid Saturdays at Cutest Kid Ever

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