Enter the world of Berenstain Bears

Welcome to Aloha Friday! This weeks question will take you back to your childhood and make you use your imagination. Here it is:

Have you ever wished that you could jump into the world of a book you read as a child or read to your children? What book would it be and why?

As a child, parent and teacher I have often thought about this as I read amazing stories with beautiful illustrations. Of course, I never thought that it would actually happen in my life. A few weeks ago the world of the Berenstain Bears came alive when we went to visit the Strong Museum of Play. When I was growing up I read lots of the Berenstain Bear books and loved them. NHL has read a few and we now plan on many more.

When you walk up to the area you are greeted by the Berenstain Bear family. Mama, Papa, Brother and Sister are all waiting to welcome you to the amazing world that they live in.

Hey look who is here

Hugs to some friendly faces

There are seven areas to explore within the Berenstain Bear area. Here is information from the Strong Museum website and photos of the kids playing within them:

Mama Bear’s Quilt Shop:  Design your own quilt or work at the counter to sell and buy quilts, just like Mama Bear!  Centuries-old quilts from Strong’s collection decorate the shop.

Cute little Quilt Shop

Papa Bear’s Woodworking Shop:  Put on a work apron and build your own creations with pretend tools and wooden construction toys. 

Papa Bear's Workshop     Time to get some work done

Bear Family Restaurant:  Be a customer or part of the restaurant staff in this pretend diner inspired by Burger Bear.

Dr. Bearson’s Dentist Office:  Don a lab coat and play dentist with a giant set of teeth and oversized dental tools.    

Brushing time    Perhaps a dentist in the future

Farmer Ben’s Farm:  Visit a barn, barnyard, and fruit and vegetable stand filled with learning activities.

Farmer Ben’s Farm

1. Cousin S selling produce, 2. The little guy wants some fruit, 3. Sending things up and away, 4. Ready to catch the items, 5. Time to collect eggs, 6. Are they good or bad eggs

Brother and Sister Bear’s Club Houses: Make tin-can telephone calls from club house to club house and play silly sentence spinning games.

Fun at Brother Bear's clubhouse      Slide at Brother Bears Clubhouse

Bear Country School Art Class:  Create a Berenstain Bears-themed masterpiece to take home or plink out a familiar tune on the Bear Band xylophone.

Making music

We spent quite a lot of time in this part of the museum. My two boys and niece loved running around and exploring all of the items within. Of course, now the boys want to read more Berenstain Bear books, which is fine with me!

Time to read a bear book



Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the Mr. Linky there if you are participating.

 Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

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