Toddler talk of bugs

Dear JSL,

It is hard for me to believe that you are already 28 months old. Of course,  with your new toddler antics and talking in sentences it reminds me that you are growing up before my eyes. Over the last few weeks you have become quite the character. You are personality plus with your big grin, funny laugh and funny expressions. When we go shopping and leave a store you even blow kisses to all of the sales people and they adore that.

Thursday morning I was eating my breakfast we had a chat that made me sad to admit that you are becoming a big boy. Here it is:

JSL: "Mama, der bug on wall!" 

Me: "What JSL?"

JSL:  "Der a bug over der."

I got up and sure enough you were right, there was a big moth on the wall. I went into the kitchen and brought the vacuum cleaner to take care of the moth.

JSL: "No, vac Mama!"

Me: "Yes JSL I need the vacuum to get the bug."

JSL: "No Mama, tisu for bug!"

Look out world here I come

The look on your face was priceless as you told me what I needed to do. Of course, it made me realize that we must have WAY too many critters around if you picked this up already. Stay sweet my little munchkin and let the world see your personality shining through.




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