Halloween after being sick

Dear NHL,

To say that you are going stir crazy would be an understatement. You have been home sick since after school Monday afternoon. It all started with a headache and fever. Then you added the cough, thanks to your asthma. You were so miserable and had a tough time keeping medicine down with all of the gagging from the cough.

Very sick kidd

Thursday you were starting to feel better. You were a huge helper when I asked you to get the door for the emergency crew coming to the house for your little brother. Here you are this morning with a mischievous twinkle in your eyes (much nicer than the feverish look).

Feeling much better

I know it had to be a tough week for you. You were upset about missing first grade, especially your calendar job this week and the Pumpkin Picking trip. Thank goodness you are feeling better. Tonight you will probably put your costume on and go to see Nana and Papa and visit a few neighbors on our block. Hopefully next year will be a bit more fun, we just need to stay healthy.




Dear JSL,

Tonight is going to be hard for you. You remember going trick-or-treating last year and you can not go tonight. Thursday you gave me another big scare in my life. I held you in my arms when you were turning blue and barely breathing. You had your fourth febrile seizure while we were home alone with your big brother. The time after that as we made our way to the ER are all a blur.

Tired yet still wants to color Trying to cool off some

Today you have gone without fever medicine since early this morning and so far so good. Thanks to this we left you go outside in front of the house for some fresh air this afternoon.

Outside for fresh air

We still have no real answers about why you had such a high fever. My sweet little monkey, it just seems like we are going to have to be on top of fevers a little more since your poor little body does not know how to deal with extremes.




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