My new Leslie Sansone DVD and booster

Raise your hand if you need to move it more. . . . picture me sitting over here wildly flailing my arms around. I fully admit that I slacked off and got way too lazy. Of course, I had no control over some of it. I may have wanted to workout, but I couldn’t. It had nothing to do with lack of time, place or anything like this. I literally could not breathe to do my beloved Leslie Sansone workouts. Thanks to H1N1 in early October, it took me until January to feel like I could workout. Just walking across the room left me winded and needing my inhaler.

For the New Year, I finally felt like I had the stamina to get my rear in gear and do some walking and kicking with Leslie Sansone. Over the last few weeks, I have dusted off my Omron Pedometer and DVDs to get moving. Monday morning I was ready for my third workout in a row, but something stopped me and woke me out of my sound sleep. I had a huge split in my heel and could not walk (also quite pink looking). I took a day off to treat it with antibiotics. The following day, I worked out and felt good with two miles. Yesterday, we were running around at stores getting lots of walking in. I also bought new batteries for my pedometer since mine died Friday night.

Today, while we were out at Target looking for some items, I went down the special sale aisles. Out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted the following: 

Finally found at Target

I had read about these last summer when they came out. They are Leslie Sansone DVDs that come with workout boosters. Unfortunately, the Targets in our area did not carry them. I figured one day they would show up here. Today was apparently that day.

They had the following:

There I was at Target unsure of which one to try. I knew I was not interested in the one with the Walk Belt since I already have a DVD for that, along with a Belt. The Toning Bands was not high on my list since we have EA Sports Active for Wii.  The other three were quite interesting to me. In the end, I went with the following since it was very different than anything else I have. 

My new Leslie Sansone kit

So tonight, I am hoping to test this out and see how it goes. Hoping that these will help me to get ready to walk up a storm at Disney World for the Social Media Moms Celebration. I know that doing these last year were huge in getting me ready for our May trip. No, I may not drop a lot of weight before the trip, but at least I can get myself some great exercise.


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