The wishful spring thinking list

Spring has sprung and my mind has been wandering lately about things that I would like. Not sure why this seems to happen now, instead of in December when I am being quizzed about birthday and Chanukah presents. I guess it just means that I see more items between December and the spring that make my mind race. 

Spring Time Thinking

Here is a list of a few more realistic items that I would like. I say realistic because I will not put the Disney Alaskan Cruise on this list. Nor will I add in being a member of Disney Vacation Club (DVC). This girl will continue to dream about those for now. Another wish that will remain empty is a treadmill. I know I would use it, that is not the question. My issue is where to put it in our small house, Please add bigger house in another school district to my larger wish list. A treadmill or elliptical machine would fit in the upstairs room, but we really want to start utilizing that space for a play room/work area now that the boys are older.

So here is my list:

  • Swing set – Would love to have something in our yard for the boys to use. Sure, there are a lot of parks close by, but having something at home would be amazing. Before this could happen a tree or two (with berries) would need to be removed from our yard.
  • New Laptop – My laptop is on borrowed time. It is almost 5 years old and the letters are worn off (stickers have not helped either). Plus, the fan makes a horrid noise from time to time.
  • iPod Touch – I think it would be a great tool to have when out and about since we do not have iPhones or Blackberry phones. Of course, I would love a Blackberry, but the added $30 a month per phone is a bit much at this point.
  • Bike – When growing up, I loved to ride my bike. My bike is still at my parent’s house, but I do not think I would like it now. It was the 90’s style with ram horn handles and I am not into that these days. It may be great for TechyDad and I to get bikes for our anniversary to get out and exercise more as a family.
  • Season Passes for Six Flags – We had them last year and used them 3-4 times which paid for the expense. The boys love going to Wiggles World and it truly is fun for the entire family.
  •  Membership to Weight Watchers – Pure lazy behavior here. I need to get back on track. I have had success with the online plan, but it is a little more than we can afford right now thanks to home repairs that are needed and saving for nursery school in the fall.

So my Aloha Friday question for you today:

What is on your practical wish list and why?  Do you have any suggestions on bikes for TechyDad and I to get? We do not want to spend a fortune, but do want something that will last and give us enjoyment.

Please be sure to check out my National Geographic Little Kids and  Human Nature – Reach Out. Stay tuned because more will be coming next week.



Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life for starting this fun for Friday. Please be sure to head over to her blog to say hello and sign the MckLinky there if you are participating.

Aloha Friday by Kailani at An Island Life

Aloha #95

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