Impromptu Butterfly Poem

Kids, they never fail to amaze you from time to time. Of course, the risk is that they can also embarrass you in public places. NHL and I just got back from his school. Tonight, they had a Literacy Celebration for Readers to Leaders. The PreK kids started off with a Poetry in Motion show for everyone. Once that was over, the kids broke up into different groups. NHL went with the PreK to 1st graders to read a poem together, hear a story and make a craft.  

Butterfly craft in progress

When we were finished here, there was an open microphone poetry event. The younger kids arrived first and were ready to get up and share. The first few got up and just stood there. I watched as other parents were mortified with what their children were doing. Then, NHL stood up and went to the microphone. I assumed he knew his poem by heart. I was wrong. With a packed library of  parents, students, teachers and the principal standing, NHL went to the microphone and created the following poem on demand:

Poem on the Fly - by NHL

The plan had been to read the acrostic poem titled Worms, but it was MIA. NHL was on his toes thanks to the following inspiration:

The Butterfly with yellow antennae

The moral of the story is that kids are full of surprises. You really never know what type of beautiful, bizarre or poetic words will fall from their lips. NHL, I love you my sweet, six year old poet.


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