Passover Seder Aftermath

Monday and Tuesday night were late nights for our family. Yes, TechyDad and I are typically up working late – but the kids are asleep for many of those hours. For some reason midnight seemed a lot later when both boys were still up and running around.

We had a wonderful time at Aunt S and Uncle M’s house for both of the Seders. Extended family were in town to help celebrate and remember the traditions of Pesach. Thank you Aunt S and Uncle M for including us and giving our boys fabulous memories of Passover Seders.

Views from Seder 2

There is so much to write about, but right now I am on Mom duty. Both boys are home for Spring Break and the little guy woke up feeling a bit off. Poor kid is miserable and I have laundry to work on thanks to it. Not sure if he is sick, or just so exhausted he is getting sick (not eating isn’t helping either). So if I am scarce for a few days, no need to send in the troops – just taking care of the family and trying to get everyone back on track while limited to Passover foods.

If you have any suggestions on things to feed an almost four year old that refuses to eat Passover food – I would love them.


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  • Sounds like you are having a very busy time right now. Are those yamacas (sp?) the boys are wearing? I’ve never seen ones like that before. Usually the ones I see are smaller and just a solid color – I’m digging the ones they are wearing!
    Robyn Wright of´s last blog post ..Keep Your Car Green – Earth Week

  • Devo K says:

    What does he usually eat and how much of it has Chametz in it?

    Will he eat meatballs without spaghetti (or would he eat the kosher for Pesach ‘pasta’?) I made a matzah brei that Nati devoured. Today they’re eating matzah pizza. I made a lasagna with matzah. Potato or veggie kugel. Potato latkes.

    Shepherd’s pie for when you’re sick of matzah. Veggie soup with matzah balls. Right now I’ve got meatloaf in the oven.

    For the last day we’re going dairy. Tuna-veggie latkes. A crustless quiche (I’m thinking mushroom-onion).

    Last night I made this layered mashed potatoes mixed with cheese with spinach and fried onions sandwiched in between….

    Oh, Nati’s new favorite is matzah with cream cheese and jelly.
    Devo K´s last blog post ..Needing Routine