Captain America’s Question

Saturday evening, TechyDad and I went out to take two of our 10th Anniversary dinner. Earlier in the day, we went on errands with the kids. One of the stores was Target. We stopped on a toy aisles and before I knew it, this is what I was looking at:

Captain America JSL


It was Captain America ready to defend me in his Winnie the Pooh and Tigger shirt. Did you except him to look any different?

Then, when we got back home from a delicious dinner, Nana and Papa wanted to share a JSL funny with us. Apparently, our four year old son asked a question out of the blue. Without missing a beat, he asked if Whiskers farts. Let me introduce you to Whiskers.

    She's Watching You

Yes, my four year old son wanted to know if a cockatoo passes gas. Ah, boys! My parents told him that of course she does since she is part of the family!

So, today, I would love to hear any funnies from your family from the last week or so. Seems like something perfect for a Sunday.


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  • kailani says:

    I’ve learned not to be surprised with what my kids grab of the store shelves! Captain America looks ready for business!