A Sweet Cupcake Surprise

Dear NHL,

When I picked you up from school yesterday, I mentioned that we really had to go to the grocery store. You were not too thrilled about it. Then, I told you that we were going to head to the bigger Price Chopper and you agreed to help me out. When we got there, you asked if we could get a special snack. As we passed by the bakery, I had an idea. New Cupcakes from Price Chopper

Lately, I have heard a lot of people talking about the new Price Chopper Decadent Desserts collection of cupcakes. I also knew their new flavor and your love for pumpkin and cheesecake. So I showed you the in store sign. You immediately said we had to get these to taste test and share together. We stood there and picked out four cupcakes to split and try together.

First, we both selected one of the Pumpkin Spice & Everything nice.

PumpKin Spice & Everything Nice

Then, you thought JSL would like the Peanut Butter Twist Brownie, so we put one of those into our cart.

Peanut Butter Twist Brownie

From here, you noticed the one with marshmallows on top, so a Gimme Smore joined our collection.

Gimme Smore

Last, but certainly not least, we thought the little guy and Daddy would adore the Cookie Cupcake.

Cookie Cupcake

When we got home, Daddy and JSL were so surprised and excited to test out the goodies. We will write another post about that later, but we did learn a valuable lesson. When we pick up more of the Decadent Dessert cupcakes from Price Chopper, we will split two of them because that will be more than enough. This was the first time I have ever seen you walk away and not finish – and it was not because you didn’t like them

Thank you NHL for going with me to get the things we needed and picking up something to help us all smile after a rough week.




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