The Festival of Lights Begins Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, Jewish families will gather together to light their menorahs to commemorate the miracle of long ago. Every family has their own traditions that they pass along to the next generation. TechyDad and I are really trying to focus on the miracle of Chanukah and not on the gift giving and material items. The reality is that those are not really what the holiday is about. Society has pushed it to this more thanks to being at the same time of year as Christmas.


Yes, we will be giving the boys some gifts, but nothing extraordinary. This year, we hope to make some potato latkes, spin the dreidels, dance to Chanukah music, and sit together for family time while watching the menorah shine.

Something else I can not wait to share with the boys are the fun new series of 30 second Chanukah tips from Mama Doni. Yes, this hip and rockin’ mama shares eight of her tips including:

  • Makin’ Lotsa Latkes!
  • Get Your Dreidel On!
  • The Story of Chanukah
  • Are you Gr8teful?
  • Is it “Chanukah” or “Hanukkah?”
  • Honey This Ain’t Money
  • Gobble Up Some Sufganiyot!
  • Eight Special People in Your Life

Here are the videos, which will play one after the other:


I love how fun, energetic, and informative they are. Mama Doni also gives great items to talk/write about with older children. Do you have a favorite tip from the videos?

It's Me

Disclosure: I found these videos thanks to subscribing to Mama Doni’s YouTube Channel. I enjoyed them and wanted to share with other families.

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