Summer Fun from Pinterest

Last summer, we had a lot of rain and I was constantly trying to figure out what to do with the boys inside. Rain has hardly been an issue this year. Instead, heat and humidity are making it hard to spend too much time outdoors. This is where Pinterest has been helpful. I have found some very interesting items to try out with the boys.

My Pinterest Crafts for kids, Crafts for ME, Summer Fun, and Educational Fun at Home boards are places I go to for ideas. While out and about with JSL the other day, I confused him with some purchases. Here they are:

Supplies to make slime

Thanks to a pin that I noticed the other day, I knew that I needed liquid starch and clear glue (not the easiest to find) to make slime. When I saw the glue on the shelf at the store, I went on a hunt for the other missing item. The food coloring is already at home. Next step, we will follow the directions on Tot Treasures: Explore the Art of Play to hopefully make slime like the pin below:

Source: via TheAngelForever on Pinterest



Now we have everything all set to make our own slime and you know I will be taking photos along the way. What other items have you made, or seen that you would love to test out with the kids (or yourself) this summer?

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