Holiday Baking Ideas to Go with Price Chopper #HolidayAdvantEdge

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Holiday Baking Ideas to Go with Price Chopper #shop

While many people host parties during the holiday season, we do not usually have any at our house. Many times I am asked to bake something to bring to another location. This busy time of year often means that I am in a rush and need to make something fun, festive, and delicious in a short amount of time. This time around, I wanted to make some fun wintry snowmen themed items. My plan was to bake something for everyone to have and create a snack activity for the kids to do when we arrived. I went to our local Price Chopper and after I scanned my AdvantEdge card, I made my way to the holiday decorations aisle. There was a wide variety of items, but I immediately focused on an adorable snowman tray that I knew would be perfect for transporting some goodies.

#HolidayAdvantEdge seasonal items #shop

From here, I made my way over to the baking aisle. I immediately was impressed with the huge selection of Betty Crocker items to select from. We enjoy baking with these products because they are quick, easy, you can personalize them, and they are kosher. After looking around for quite a while, I decided to make cupcakes and cookies. The Super Moist White Cake mix reminded me of a white snowman made fresh after a storm. Then the Hershey’s Cookies’n’Crème premium frosting reminded me of snow that gets a little dirty after people walk on it. I knew I wanted to top these cupcakes with a snowman and found some fun Peeps in the holiday area to finish these off.

Next, I knew I wanted a snack for kids to be able to get their hands dirty and keep busy. I could bake the cookies, put them on that cute snowman tray and bring items for them to make faces on top. I selected Snickerdoodle cookie mix first. Then I found the Betty Crocker cookie icing to make it look like a frosty friend. After that, I picked up a few more odds and ends like coconut, candy corn, and decorating gel for the faces.

Betty Crocker Baking items to make #shop

I made the cupcakes ahead of time. Once they were cool, I put them into my cupcake currier for easy transport to our final destination. I piped the Cookies’n’Crème frosting on top and let my son help me sprinkle the cookie crumble on top. Then I learned a lesson, the Peeps would need to be placed on top at the final destination for the second dozen in the bottom tray. Peeps are too big and thick for my giant case.

Snowmen Cupcakes #shop

The Snickerdoodles were baked just before we had to take them to decorate. Once they were cooled, I placed them on the snowman tray that I purchased and set up the decorating items. Candy corn for the nose, gel for the mouth, chocolate chips for eyes, and coconut to make it look more snow like on top of the white icing. 

Snowman cookie fun #shop

Here are some of the snowmen that everyone made from the first round of fun.

Snowman cookies for kids #shop

What is your favorite dessert to make and take to a holiday party? I would love to hear your ideas and whether or not you get the kids involved in the process.

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