Lunch and Recess Time at School

Schools are stressed for time. Every minute of every day is strategically used in one way or another. Of course, in my mind too much of the focus is spent on testing and more specifically teaching to the tests. I will not even get into that right now because it is too much of a hot topic with the Common Core State Standards being pushed into almost every classroom throughout the country. In New York State, my children are in the second year of this transition. It is not only rough on them, but also on the teachers and parents. Rather than focus on the negative (I could go on and on), I want to check in with parents from throughout  New York and other states. What is the topic?

Lunch and Recess Time at School

At a recent PTA meeting, an interesting topic came up and got me thinking. A parent asked about the lunch and recess time at our school. Our children have 30 minutes for a combined lunch and recess. Of course, young kids rush or do not bother to eat to get outside into the fresh air to run, play, and get energy out. Who can blame them really? The question came up as to whether there is a standard amount of time for lunch and recess in elementary schools. I honestly can not recall the time at our last school. When I was teaching, I believe our students (PreK-8) had 30 minutes for lunch and then recess after that.

So my question of the week is inspired by the PTA meeting:

How much time do your children have for lunch and/or recess at school? I would love to know grade levels and if you are comfortable what state you live in.

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  • Ashley says:

    25 minutes for lunch and 20 minutes for recess. However, they do not go outside if it’s below 50 because they’d spend the entire recess putting on and taking off coats with Kindgergarteners. They get 20 minutes of free play inside if they can’t go out.

  • 20 minutes….and if they are late, it’s shorter. My daughter barely has time to eat….and often is starving when I pick her up. They eat so early in the morning….10:30am!

  • Steffj89 says:

    PK he has 3 20 minute recesses, 30 mins for breakfast and 30 minutes for lunch and about 10 mins play after breakfast.

    3rd has 30 minute recess then 30 minute lunch
    4th has 30 minutes for lunch and about 15 minute recess.
    we are in OK. Standards are not set for the state. PE is also not mandatory statewide, but fortunately my kids have 45 mins PE every day for grades K-5. PK has PE 2 days a week for 30 minutes.

  • Lori says:

    At our school in NJ, all the children k-8 get one hour. 30 minutes to eat and 30 minutes of recess.

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