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Welcome to The Angel Forever!

So you would like to know a little but about Moi do you? Well, you asked for it so here you go.

The Angel Forever started in February 2007 while I was very pregnant with my youngest. Blogging was a way to document life, vent some, and have fun. Thanks to social media and the love of blogging, many amazing items have happened over the last five years. I refuse to have a main focus for my blog. Posts will be written about topics that are current, on my mind, or important to my family. Some items include planning trips to Walt Disney World, getting ready for Jewish Holidays, talking about books we read for Tuesday Tales, or sharing fun places we have visited. Thanks to my three boys, I am the Queen of Castle and always will be!

In my former life, I was/am a teacher. I am a certified in elementary education, middle school science, and a reading specialist. One day, I hope to head back to a classroom to help kids to follow their dreams. For now, I am a work at home mom keeping busy with two young boys. Although I miss teaching, I love the time that I have with my husband, sons, and not having to worry about lesson plans and other school related items.

My husband has shared his photography bug with me. I am always out and about with a camera so I can capture something on the fly. When there are a few spare moments, which are rare, I enjoy knitting, crafting, baking, reading, and learning about new technology. My favorite thing in life is to spend quality time with my family and friends.

C'est Moi

A little background:

I am happily married to JL (TechyDad). Some find it interesting to know that we met online and had a long distance relationship for a while before getting engaged and married. We have been married since the summer of 2001 when we started our journey together with a honeymoon to Disney World. JL is also my webmaster who assists me with all things bloggy related. I am so lucky to have found JL. What more could a girl ask for? My husband cooks dinner almost every night, bathes the kids, and takes care of me. Are you jealous yet?

NHL is my oldest son and in the third grade. He has an amazing memory and will remember pretty much anything and everything that has happened in his life. He adores doing math for fun, learning about science, playing Nintendo DS, talking about Disney, and running. NHL is also a really great big brother who helps with teaching his brother a lot of life’s lessons.

JSL is the baby of the family and heading to kindergarten in September 2012 (getting tissues ready now). He is such an easy going kid who loves to entertain everyone with shows. His love for singing, dancing, and music are always there. Right now, if he could, I think he would transform into a Buzz Lightyear morphed pirate, with a side of Captain America.

My Boys

A few other things about Moi:

Here in Angel Land we like to try new items and are open to sponsoring giveaways. I am an Etsy Addict and would love to help out other crafty people to get the word out about their goodies. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to work something out.


I love to hear from people out there. Please come out from the lurking area and talk to me via the comments here. I always try reply back to people, so give it a shot and let me know you are out there.

E-mail Moi:

If you need to contact me via e-mail please use the Contact Moi page.

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