Surgery Day and Beyond

Recently, I wrote about telling your child that they will be having surgery. While JSL cried after I told him, he did really the week before his surgery. There seemed to be enough distractions that kept his mind busy. On the morning of his surgery, we had him pick out some toys and a stuffed friend to bring with him. As we checked into the hospital, JSL and his friend George Jr. were given ID bands to wear to the surgical waiting area.

Ready for Surgery

After a short time, they called us to go back to the pre-op area where JSL was weighed and measured for anesthesia. Then the nurse brought him over to the area where he would be staying until it was time to go back for his surgery. I have to say, this was probably the hardest part for him. It was bright, there were a lot of people waiting in many areas, and the reality started to sink in. Suddenly, he had a lot of questions about anything and everything.

The ENT and anesthesiologist also came to visit and talk to us. It was around this time that he started to cry. Something that the anesthesiologist said really bothered him. She was probably the only person that I was not a fan of because her bedside manner with children was clearly non-existent.

Next, JSL was given a hospital gown to put on. The nurse also handed him a pile of stickers for being a brave kiddo when it was time to take his medicine. He was not a fan of the Versed and had a hard time swallowing all of it without something to drink.

Almost time for surgery

There is something magical about the medicine that they give kids before surgery. In a short period of time, JSL did not have a worry in the world. He was playing with his Jedi Force characters one moment and then, he asked to curl up because he was tired.

Tired in time for surgery

The timing was beautiful because that is right around the time that the OR nurse and NA came to wheel him away. He did not cry and barely looked up when we told him he was a brave boy and that we loved him.

TechyDad and I then went back to the surgical waiting room. The ENT told us that the three procedures would probably take 30-45 minutes from start to finish. He would come out to see us as soon as he was finished. We each made a few phone calls and let family know that he was in surgery and then we were walking into a room to talk to the doctor.

Everything went very well. One part of the surgery surprised the doctor a little bit, so some stitches were required. He explained restrictions and a few other items to us and said they would call us as soon as JSL woke up so we could see him. About 15-20 minutes later we walked into see JSL half asleep with a popsicle in his hand.

Waking up after surgery

A short time later, JSL was moved into a small room of his own. He would stay here until discharged. The nurse was fantastic and helped us to get water, some more pain medicine (his throat was hurting him from the tubes), and tried to get him to eat a slushy. We tried to use his tablet as a distraction to help while the additional medication started to work.

Pain management after surgery

Five hours from the time we arrived, we were heading home with instructions. We knew that the next few days would be a challenge, but I think we were a bit naïve. More about this coming soon.

Resting at home after surgery

To those who have had children home post-op, how do you keep their spirits up while they desperately want to play outside and do things that are not permitted?

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Capital Region CANstruction 2014

Last year, we took the boys to the Capital Region Canstruction display at the New York State Museum and they loved it. The event raises awareness of hunger in cities across the United States. The event in Albany is sponsored by companies in the area that “compete” with their structures around a theme. This year, the theme is Story Land and once the display period is over (April 24) all of the food items that made the works of art will be donated to feed people via the Food Pantries for the Capital District.

Capital Region Canstruction 2014

Like last year, we brought cans of food with us to vote. People that visit the 4th Floor Terrace Gallery will see all of the entries for this year and be able to vote with a can donation for their favorites. The boys take this very seriously and went around several times before they selected the one that was their favorite.

Once we entered the gallery, we were greeted with two familiar Disney friends.

Capital Region Canstruction - Toy Story

Yes, Buzz Lightyear and Woody were ready to go on an adventure in dining to help those in need. I have to say, I was in love with this one and just wanted to stay and explore more of this design. Of course, the boys caught some other canstructures and we were off to catch a train.

Capital Region Canstruction - I Think I Can

I Think I Can really captured the spirit of this Story Land favorite. The colors in the food items really made the Little Engine that Could come alive. From here we were off for some Pure Imagination.

Capital Region Canstruction - Pure Imagination

You could almost feel Willy Wonka’s presence and imagine Augustus Gloop reaching into the chocolate river of cans. Of course, we did not stay here long because Sam-I-Am was right across the way.

This display of Green Eggs and Spam made the first grader in the group fall in love. He adored seeing something familiar.

Capital Region Canstruction - Green Eggs and Spam

From here, we walked back to the other side of the Toy Story canstructure. This is where NHL and TechyDad fell head over heels (pun kind of intended) for the following creation.

Capital Region Canstruction - Alice in Wonderland

This beautiful piece of art really used a lot of items to make the three dimensions pop. I mean check out the bags of marshmallows for the petticoat on Alice’s dress. Yes, I am giving you permission to look up her skirt.

Next up was another familiar Dr. Seuss character. I do believe he shall not only be hearing the Who’s, but helping the hungry.

Capital Region Canstruction - Horton Helps the Hungry

The poem of sorts on this one really stole the show for creativity and using social media in the mix.

While continuing through Story Land, we bumped into more literary classics. Check out how James is climbing the Giant Peach with the caterpillar.

Capital Region Canstruction - James and the Giant Peach

Even a picture book favorite came swimming into town to say hello.

Capital Region Canstruction - The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish helped us along to the last stop. I do believe you may recognize this funny little fellow with his feet stuck in a jar of honey.

Capital Region Canstruction - Winnie the Pooh

Poor Winnie the Pooh got a bit caught up here, but it was for a very good cause. When we finished our first tour around, the boys went back to look at everything before they placed their cans into their vote for favorite canstruction design.

Which is your favorite from glancing at the photos? I would love to know if you have been to the Capital Region Canstruction event or one in another city. If you live in the Albany area, Capital Region Canstruction will be at the New York State Museum until April 24.

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Views from Passover 2014

Both of the Passover Seders are now over, so it’s time to share a few photos from the large family event at Aunt S and Uncle M’s house. It was gorgeous and the kids loved singing the Four Questions in Hebrew for everyone.

Passover 2014

Passover 2014 snow

More Passover memories to share at another time. Now I am off to spend Spring break with the boys while getting ready for JSL’s surgery in a few days.

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Passover 2014 Wishes

This evening we will be sitting down with our extended family for a Passover Seder. We will keep traditions alive and make sure that future generations know the story of the Jewish people from long ago. TechyDad has our house practically ready for the holiday. We both went to Kosher Open House at Price Chopper to check out some products that are now available. While there we stocked up on Passover food essentials.

Passover Shopping at Price Chopper

This year we are a little distracted at Passover, so we are very thankful to be going to relatives for the Seders. I leave you with two Passover songs. The first is from The Fountainheads and a tune that many of you will recognize.

The second video is a fun twist on Dayenu by Mama Doni who is a kid favorite in this house.

To all those celebrating with their families Chag Pesach Sameach.

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