Second Grade Success

Dear NHL,

This has been a challenging year on so many levels. Just a few weeks ago, Daddy and I made a decision that was extremely difficult. We took you out of the school that you had been in since kindergarten. It was practically the end of the year, but it had to be done. We were afraid for your safety.

Once you started at the new school, we were amazed with the difference from you. You smiled at the end of the day, you eagerly shared what you learned, and you were excited about all of the possibilities. This made us happy to see.

For much of the past year, you have lost your love of learning. As a teacher, this scared me. I was not happy about it. Please forgive us for not doing something sooner. As you finish second grade with your new class, I hope you will carry this love into next year when you begin third grade.

Whether it was learning about fractions, history, or taking in show and tell – you have embraced this change like a champ. Here is your latest art project that you made. You were so proud of your ceramic fish that you had sculpted, painted, and successfully brought home in one piece. Fish Art Project

I love it NHL and I can not wait to see future items that you create and learn over the future.




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  • Love the fish he made! As a ceramic pottery collector, I think he did an amazing job!! Love those vibrant colors.

    I am so pleased to hear he is thriving in his new school. I know that was a tough choice to make, but it definitely sounds like it was the right one. Hope he continues to do well!

  • Julie says:

    This is so lovely – this ceramic fish! I understand your feeling about the old school but I think you did the best you can. If the kid feel this love and care from your side, I think he will pass the difficult experiences on the best side. I wish you and your child the best :)

  • teawithfrodo says:

    I’m so glad that he’s doing better.

  • kailani says:

    I think you definitely made the right decision! His safety does come first.

  • Steffj89 says:

    Sometimes it is amazing how great a change of school can be.

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