Falling Fast

All I can say is OUCH!

This morning I left the house and was walking to my car to head to school. On my way there I noticed a big patch of black ice on the ground. I very carefully stepped over the ice. Well, at least I thought I had. Before I knew it I was falling in slow motion face first at the ground. I am not sure how, but I was able to twist my body to fall mainly on my right knee and right wrist/hand. My bag went flying, my keys went into the ground and I hurt badly and couldn’t get up. Luckily JL and NHL were still home and in the house. I was able to get my cell phone to call inside.

JL came outside and helped me up off the ground. I was a mess (seeing stars and shaking). I went into the house and saw my bloody knee. Still not sure how my pants didn’t get a hole, but it’s fine. I knew I wasn’t going to make it to school on time, so I tried calling someone. Of course I couldn’t get anyone. Eventually I called a fellow teacher’s cell phone and she was going to take care of things for me. I cleaned myself up and packed back up to head to the car. While I was doing this JL went back outside and put ice melt down on the black ice.

I stayed off my feet and tried to ice my knee and wrist as much as I could while at school. Being pregnant stinks since I know ibuprofen would have helped the swelling and pain. I didn’t take anything else. JL was really concerned later in the day and called my OBs office. They said so long as nothing was obviously bad (bleeding, cramping and things) they were fine so long as I felt movement. Of course during those hours he’s typically less active, but after school he started to move a lot more. They also told JL I was welcome to come in if I wanted to be reassured. I didn’t go and think the little guy is okay. I’m just really sore.

With any luck we won’t have school tomorrow thanks to a bad ice storm coming our way. I could use the rest since yesterday was a LONG day. I was at school from 7:40 in the morning until 8:50 at night. *yawn*

Now I’m just hoping that NHL will sleep thanks to strange nightmares and issues in his room. More about that later.

C’est Moi
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