36 week OB visit

Well today I worked the entire day after staying home yesterday since I wasn’t able to move/walk. It wasn’t too bad since 1/2 of the kids I teach were away all day on a trip that I wasn’t able to go on. That left me with 2 double LA classes, a meeting and several other things to do around the building. The principal also came in today to do her observation. She showed up the last 10 minutes of the first double period. I told her I was basically done and the kids were starting their homework. She decided to come back later to watch me with the other group of kids. I warned her that we were just starting a new book and most of the time would be me reading them the first chapter of the book (something I almost never do). So she heard me going over some vocabulary questions – like chupah, pareve and several other words that were very foreign to the girls and then listened to me read to the kids for 15+ minutes until I allowed the girls a stretching break since it was a double period. She also knows that I am showing parts of my wedding video tomorrow so they can see these vocabulary words in action.

After school I had my 36 week OB visit (I’m 36 weeks tomorrow). I saw the OB that I really like again. She told me that everything looks good. My GBS came back negative, BP was great, no weight gain, and no protein or sugar in my urine. The little monkey was very active and kept dodging when she was trying to listen to his heartbeat. He also kicked her several times as well. I told her about the recent pressure and pelvic/hip pain. She told me it isn’t surprising since he’s SO low. I asked if she thought we should check and she said no. She didn’t feel the need since it wouldn’t feel pleasant and doesn’t really mean a lot. She changed her tune and says I can work until I am too uncomfortable at this point. Once I get to that point just to call them and they will do the paper work to yank me. She agrees that next Friday is a good stopping point no matter what. The bummer is that I found out she won’t be on call for deliveries for quite some time . . . so she won’t be delivering this little guy either. Oh well, what can you do. She was also thrilled with how well my thigh wound seems to be healing. She told me to call immediately if it starts to get worse since I am now officially off the antibiotic.

On that note I am off to get the little monster into bed and take a shower. Below is a belly shot that JL took today. None of the ones with all of me came out right since JL found out later that his camera setting wasn’t on correctly. It’s amazing how much bigger I am this pregnancy, yet I have hardly gained much – it’s all BABY!

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