Antibiotic 1 + Antibiotic 2 = Tired and Healing Me

Warning this is going to be a novel!

To update on my appointment from Wednesday. I went to the OB’s office on Wednesday with my mother. I fully expected to be sent directly to the hospital for IV antibiotics. My mother was mortified with how the thing looked. I don’t think she realized that I was far from exaggerating.

Much to my surprise I wasn’t sent to the hospital. The NP came to see me (since she saw it on Monday) and was shocked with how my thigh was looking. She agreed that it had centralized, but still it shouldn’t be worse and so painful after that much time on Z-Pack. Well, she had the OB on come to look at it. Her eyes bugged out of her head. She was floored. She didn’t want to try to drain it since it didn’t have a head. Instead they agreed on a VERY aggressive second antibiotic (Clindamycin)in addition to the Z-Pack. I was also given something to help with the pain and told to sit in a hot bath or hot pack the spot. I was also told to keep my appointment for Thursday with the other OB so she could see the progress and I could talk to her about the baby’s size.

My mother took me home and did one round of hot packing. Nothing happened. By Wednesday night I ached all over. My eyes were burning and I knew my temperature was going up. I had a low grade fever and my entire right leg was throbbing. I felt so sick to my stomach to boot. JL was ready to take me to the ER, but first he looked at the spot. To our shock there was a tiny little head. He went to get things to start hot packing it again. By the time he got back there was a white line, 5 more minutes it was the size of a dime. It quickly grew to be larger than 1 1/4 inch diameter (just the head. JL could actually see it pulsing!

The darn thing wouldn’t pop. I was in agony from the pressure and trying to push on it. JL was too afraid to hurt me. And to add insult to injury the little monkey in decided it was a great time to head-butt me in the cervix. After talking to my friend (who in turn talked to her friend that is in a health profession)we opted to get a needle and sterilize it. JL got it ready and I didn’t feel a thing. It exploded and with the help of three total needle pricks and an hour of work it was drained for the first time. We bandaged it up and I was able to sleep sort of well. By 4:00 I was up and couldn’t move my leg. It had ballooned again and needed to be drained. Before JL went to work he helped me and bandaged it up.

My friend took me to the doctor and the OB didn’t want me to take the bandage off. The NP came in and said just the surrounding area looked amazing compared to the day before. No less my coloring and what not. The OB and I also talked about Ewok Part Deux’s size. She isn’t alarmed at all. She said it really is on track with what NHL was too. What she did shock me with was that she thinks I may have seen my last day at work. We technically don’t go back to school until Tuesday, but given I won’t be done with the antibiotic until Wednesday/Thursday she’s doubting I’ll be able to do that. She also said that although she had felt April 27th was a good ending date, it may not be reasonable anymore given this nasty infection. So I am heading in to see her next Thursday and if I don’t feel well Monday I should call and they will yank me from work.

At this point I think I may call my boss tonight or tomorrow and say I will definitely not be in Tuesday and Wednesday. The problem with that (aside from leaving plans for the days) is they are having a baby shower on Tuesday for me. So we shall see. Right now I feel so much better, but I have no energy and after doing almost nothing practically pass out from exhaustion.

On that note I am off to finish dinner, take a shower, wash my hair and have JL check out the wound.

C’est Moi
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