April break is here!

Well, April break has finally come . . . sort of. Today we have the day off at my school, but I have a commitment. Another teacher and I are taking some of the students to a special local gathering for math and science. It should be a great day for everyone. After this I’m technically off of school until Tuesday, April 17th!

I think the kids were nervous and kept asking me yesterday if I would be back after break. I told them I plan it that way, but you never know. Officially, I told school my last day would be Friday, April 27th. My OB told me that I could work to 37-38 weeks if everything was okay, but she would not allow me to go beyond that.

Even though I’m off of work I have a ton of things to do. A few quizzes to correct, projects to grade, and substitute plans to get ready. I also plan on going to school one day to get a bunch of photo copying done in case I don’t make it back after break. Tomorrow I have to bring my car in for an oil change and then head to the doctor to see the NP for my 34 week appointment. After that I start going every week.

After Passover I need to really work with JL to get the baby’s room ready. We need to empty things out of there, fix a few things up, bring the crib and other items into the room . . . and find baby clothes to wash and get ready. Next weekend we are also taking NHL to the hospital for a sibling class that is just for toddlers. Before we go we are going to give him the baby boy doll that we bought him so he can have his own baby.

On that note I am off to pack a Passover lunch to take with me to the all day event since I can’t eat the meal they are providing. *sigh*

C’est Moi
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