Hurts like H-E Double Hockey Sticks

Well I went to the doctor’s office yesterday early in the afternoon. I saw the NP that I had seen on Friday. She immediately looked at my inner thigh and was shocked with the raging infection that had settled in so quickly. She told me she was putting me on antibiotics immediately. Then came the tricky part. Trying to find one that should work while considering my drug allergies. Unfortunately, she couldn’t put me on her medication of choice since it has a high risk of causing problem with people that have penicillin allergies. So, she put me on Z-Pack.

I’m also glad I spoke up. I reminded her that I was being seen Thursday by the OB to have my Group B-Step swab. So, since the antibiotic would render that pointless she did it right then and there. Then she let JL and NHL hear the little guys heart beat. NHL was too funny and was dancing to the beat. He got very concerned when it stopped. Sue quickly explained that it was because she took the machine away from me. Then I questioned her about the sizing thing from Friday. I told her I had been worrying about that. She measured me again, looked at my chart and said that it had almost been 3 weeks since my last ultrasound and was going to try to get me another one now.

So we went out and the ultrasound technician (with no personality) came and took us back for the ultrasound. I nearly flew through the ceiling. She hit my thigh not once, but 3-4 times before I got a little snippy and told her I was there and had a raging infection and it hurt when she did that. So she was doing the exam and kept telling us that it’s hard at this point to really get good measurements. She then hinted that it was worse since she couldn’t go underneath my belly by his head. So I quickly told her I would lift myself up and she could do it, just to stay AWAY from the infection on my leg. NHL had fun watching his little brother on the screen and did another dance when she put the baby’s heartbeat on to listen to.

The end result was the BIG monkey is measuring 2 to 2 1/2 weeks ahead of where he should be. Am I alarmed – sort of. With NHL I he was always measuring 2 weeks ahead on ultrasound the entire pregnancy. He came at 38 weeks, very fitting! The difference is with NHL we weren’t 100% sure when I ovulated and with this one I am positive since we were using the testing kits. Not even 3 weeks ago they were estimating the baby to be about 4lbs 3oz. . . and now 6 1/2 pounds. I didn’t look good when we went out with the results to the NP. I told her I was freaked. She told me to remember that at this stage of the game ultrasounds are usually not too accurate, but a good tool to help. She told me that they can be off by +/- 1 pound. I looked her straight in the face and told her that the +1 pound scared the you know what out of me.

Thanks to this and the infection on my leg she told me to keep my appointment for Thursday with the OB to discuss things. She told me that it just means the baby is on the large size, but it wasn’t too alarming (she remembered that big babies run on bother sides of the family). It is to me though since I know how big NHL was and how I don’t think I can birth much larger. *sigh*

So to continue my novel. . . I picked up the Z-Pack and went home to take my medicine. By that point the spot on my leg was getting even bigger. It was going down my thigh to my knee and was pretty much at the crease near my pelvic region. I took the 2 pills to start and man it hit hard. I had a rough night and took Tylenol to help take the edge of the pain off so I could attempt to sleep. This morning JL thinks it looks the same – not worse, but not better. My fear is that this antibiotic won’t cut it since it wasn’t the drug of choice. I really don’t want to end up in the hospital with IV antibiotics now.

Well on that note I am off. If you have read this long – thanks!

C’est Moi
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  • kmelion says:

    Did you get something for a possible yeast infection-to-come?

  • theangelforever says:

    No, I thought about that when I was home last night. If something happens before Thursday I will call, but I am supposed to see the OB that morning. Hopefully I will be spared that lovely perk of being on antibiotics. I know that when I asked about yeast infections early on I was told I could use the OTC things, but not to use the applicators. I guess we shall see what happens.

  • riotkat says:

    so glad they were able to find a drug that works for you

  • kmelion says:

    That’s odd… I’ve just finished treatment on my third yeast infection this pregnancy (first time was after treatment for a UTI early on, then the past 5 weeks or so I was treated for 2 sinus infections) and all have been perscription with applicators…

    Of course OTC meds here work differently for some reason (we can get codiene w/o a perscription).