It’s a miracle!

Yahoo! The 3rd bedroom is emptied out (we won’t mention what the kitchen looks like this minute). JL and I just finished dusting and all of that jazz and then put the new Berber carpet that we got into the room. The hardwood floors are the only ones in the house that never were able to get fixed when they were refinished. The stupid previous owners kept their pets in this room. Let’s just say we’ve dubbed it the old “cat pee” room.

Anyway, JL helped me to haul up all of the baby clothing, which now sits in a box to get cleaned. We put NHL’s 24-2T things away. Plus we also know where the 3-6 month, 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothing is. We are currently stumped as to where the 12-24 month items are. I guess we’ll worry about that later. JL is going to look for the rest of the crib items tomorrow, along with the infant car seat.

The agenda for tomorrow is to empty NHL’s dresser that is also a changing table, move it to the 3rd bedroom. Go to my parents house to pick up another dresser that they are giving us for NHL’s things and move that into the 3rd bedroom as well. And the last item is to move the crib into NHL’s room . . . of course that’s after the new carpet is put down in there. That should certainly keep us busy – we won’t even mention the regular laundry that needs to get done.

Here is a photo of a table in the 3rd bedroom with the gifts from the girls on Friday:
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Here’s NHL playing with his cars on the new rug:
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C’est Moi

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