Return of the thigh saga

Ugh, so much for hoping that my body could fight off the never ending thigh infection from you know where. No such luck. The game plan was to wait and see after JSL was born to see how my body would handle this. Over the last few days I noticed it was getting more irritated. I just figured it was the scar, heat, and stupid pads that I have to wear post partum that are bothering it. Nope!

Last night I told JL that I really had a bad feeling. Today it got more and more painful. By 4:00 I called my GP’s office to let them know that it was back. When I took JSL in last week he told me to call at the first sign of something going on and we would start medicine at that point. So I did. He called me back and put me on the medicine he wouldn’t try when I was pregnant. I am now on Omnicef. The reason he wouldn’t put me on it before was because of the cross reaction rate with penicillin that I am very allergic to. Now he’s comfortable with trying it since it is less than 2%, but wouldn’t chance it with the baby. The nice thing is it’s safe to use while nursing/pumping to feed JSL.

So tonight it’s red, hot and getting bigger, but I started the medicine at 6:30 this evening. I just hope this does it. If not I may end up in the hospital to fight this with IV antibiotics and I can’t afford that with the boys. *sigh*

C’est Moi
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