Post Surgery Update

Wednesday I had the surgery at about 8:00 in the morning. The first few hours I bled a lot, but then it slowed down a ton. By 9:30 that night I had NOTHING! By noon yesterday there was still nothing and I ditched the diap. . . -er I mean pad for a panty liner for the first time since May 14th when I had JSL. Wow, it was so nice! Last night before bed there was a little break through spotting so I put a pad back on since I was too nervous. This morning still just a little streaky/spotting.

Yesterday afternoon the nurse from my OB’s office called to talk to me. She asked if I had done a Pap-Smear at the visit last week. I told her they tried it with the bleeding, but she was the one then that told me it likely wouldn’t be good. Well, she was right. It was a no-go. They had no cells to work with, so when I go back on the 11th I need to have that re-done. She then told me that she was trying to track down the pathology report from my surgery since Dr. J wanted it ASAP. She said the hospital didn’t have it. I reminded her that last Thursday I had that chunk taken with the other doctor and that should be done. So she said she would call me back when she knew something since I wanted to know as well. She was able to get the report from last Thursday and it was confirmed degenerated placental material.

That’s when I asked her a question about the use of post delivery uterine massage. She said they will usually do it right away. Well, here’s the deal. JL and my mother were there for both of my deliveries. With NHL the doctor that delivered him took a LONG time massaging me and then the nurses continued this for 24 hours after. With JSL another OB delivered and she stitched me up and took off. She NEVER massaged my abdomen and neither did the nurses at this hospital. Not sure if this would have made a difference, but I have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t have felt that massive piece that I passed Monday.

Oh well! On that note I am off to get JSL up to eat soon since I feel like I am going to explode. Today we are going to school for a computer class. It will be nice seeing some people and getting out for a little while.

C’est Moi

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