In an attempt to keep NHL away from JSL we decided to put a television with a DVD player in the boys room (JSL is sleeping in our room while NHL is sick). Let the fun begin! Poor JL. . . he worked on this from just before 7:00 this morning to now – 8:40.

JL was going to put the little one in there, but we didn’t have the thing to make the DVD player work. We had given it to my parents since we didn’t need it. So JL brought the BIG television from upstairs down. Got it down here and NO sound. Ugh! No matter what he did there was nothing – not even on the static channel. We have a feeling it may have been fried when we had the storm the other day. So my parents said we could take the converter thing back to try to use the little television. We tried that and it worked upstairs so I went to my parents house to pick it up.

JL got the little television down and put it in the room. Hooked up the DVD and ready for this? The stupid thing was fuzzy. Yes, we had sound, but the picture was full of static. Ugh! We changed out the DVD player to see if that was the issue. Then he thought that since it was the picture this time it may be a wire gone wonky. So he switched it out and . . . WAHOO it works!

NHL is in his room now watching Bear in the Big Blue House in bed. Now we just need to make him rest and keep meds and fluids in him.

C’est Moi

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