Unreal cost of health care

I guess I will file this under stupidity. I just got a rejection of claim for my surgery three weeks ago. It appears that the hospital put in codes incorrectly so they are denying the claim. DINKS!

Still the mail was interesting since it shows a break down of the cost for my 30 minute (if that) surgery. Here it is:

1. Pharmacy – $133.35
2. Supplies – $22.00
3. Laboratory – $98.00
4. Operating Room – $1942.00 <---- WTF? You read that right - it's not a typo 5. Anesthesia - $261.00 6. Drugs - $1.90 <--- Not sure what this is since I believe the meds are pharmacy 7. Recovery room - $210.00 <--- sick how this is billed separately. Like there was an option here. Grand total of $2668.25. That was the cost of a 30 minute procedure where I was only in the hospital for 2 hours tops. SICK! C'est Moi

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