Camera addict … the next generation

For weeks NHL has been drooling and begging for his own camera like daddy. Today was his B-day party for family and friends. I will post more about that later, but wanted this on now. So he opened up a gift from Great-Grandma. It was a camera case and he was a little confused.

 Next thing he knew Grandpa asked him if the following would fit in the case:

Here are some photos that JL took of NHL using his new Fisher Price camera:

Taking a picture of Daddy taking a photo:

Checking his camera:

Looking at the photos he took with Cousin A

He even held onto it while wrestling his cousin:

Why is he a camera addict? Almost from the moment he  got it until he was half asleep he took 547photos.  No you read that correctly. He was taking photos of anything and everything. Then he started composing shots. It was sick . . . he’s just like his daddy. ACK!

Here are some of his first photos. 

Photo of Daddy:

Daddy and JSL:

Even in the car he was taking photos:

Another car shot of JSL:

Photo down our street:

Where did Daddy’s head go?

Note the theme of the next few shots (there were a ton more of these):

Relaxing on the couch:

Watching Over the Hedge (one of his gifts from L, IA and D):

Did you notice the theme of many of the shots? Strange child I have.

On that note it’s time to get the little monkey up to eat. He hasn’t eaten in a LONG time and needs something before real bed time. 

C’est Moi

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  • ma2jenna says:

    Ahhh! He and Jenna are two peas in a pod. She is the same way only with MY camera. My camera and my camera phone. And I never even taught her how to use either, she just did it!! I always think how proud of her JL would be LOL! Did you see the photos I posted that I found on my camera? She is a hoot with a camera and I was thinking of that FP one for a Christmas gift but why bother when she has mine! LOL. I am so glad he loved his camera. That is a hoot he took over 500 pics! You will have to print off some so you can do a little album of pics he took and keep up with how much better he gets over the years. Wow..a fine time to start scrapbooking ya know!!

  • theangelforever says:

    Yes, I saw her photos – they were great of her face!

    I actually bought him a mini album of his own. It’s hockey on the outside for my little NHL.

    Scrapping would be fun, but it costs too much $$ for this new SAHM. Tonight I spent $200 for my permanent certification in two areas . . . . and have one left. My cousin is also trying to convince me to crochet and my friend L wants me to start knitting again. We shall see.

    C’est Moi