Lots done yesterday

I now have a “To do list” on my computer's desktop to keep track of things that need to be done. Yesterday I was able to get several of the things done.

One thing that was not on my list that was accomplished was NHL's chin revealed itself. The sterri strip stayed on for an entire week and finally came off last night. It's very red and irritated looking, but is closed and we hope look better with some cream on it over time.

Now for what I did yesterday:

I packaged up the first batch of papers to send out with our Flex Spending things. Then I did the paper work for the 2nd batch. I spent a bit of time making address labels for NHL's 4th birthday invitations. They have Curious George on them since that is the theme that we FINALLY went with since they can make that cake. My grandmother was told yesterday that we can use the community room in her building, so the party will definitely be there this year. This will likely be the last BIG family party for NHL since next year he will probably want a kid party for his classmates at real school. Today my plan is to write out the invitations and address them to have ready to send out by tomorrow at the latest.

In addition to this, I was also able to finish up the last few thank you notes that I did not do for baby gifts that came later. All 5 of those are done and ready to head out. I also called our temple about this years membership. Now JL and I need to sit down and write a letter to the committee about things. So one thing off the list and another on!

Once JL and NHL leave I am going to pack up my Swaprooni gift. Everything for it has arrived or been purchased. Now I just need to put it all together to send out. (C – I will let you know when it is shipped so you can keep an eye out for it) If all goes well that will be ready, along with two other packages to ship out today. So another item on my list is the post office for this purpose and to get stamps for the invitations.

One other item on my list that I tried to take care of yesterday was a bag for Aunt M's baby shower gift. Unfortunately when NHL and I went out last night we were unable to find one large enough for everything that needs to go in it. So that's another thing that I must find in my travels.

More to do:

Tomorrow is baking day. We are test running ice cream cone cupcakes for JL's birthday on Friday that we plan to make for NHL's birthday (also his last day ever at daycare/nursery school). In addition to that I would like to bake something for my friend's birthday that is Sunday. Just a little something that she really liked when we made them for her before.

Lots to do while JSL is still sleeping . . . so I am off!

C'est Moi
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