My baby is going to school!

Reality check hit home big time on Wednesday night.

WAH – My baby is going to PreK in a week (now less than a week).

Wednesday we took JSL to stay at my parents house so we could take NHL to the PreK open house at his new school. We got there really early so we were able to chat some with the principal. Then at about 7:00 we went to the classroom.

NHL’s teacher is very young and energetic. Perfect for a PreK/K classroom. She was down to talk with the kids and was so great about letting them explore the room. There are 9 PreK children in the room and 11 K students. We were able to go over the weekly schedule and hear about specials and other important events in the room. She let all of us ask questions as well. I had a few about lunch money, drop off and pick up. I think NHL is going to be one of the few kids that are not bused in the school. Pick up will be rough since parking does not exist and I will have JSL with me – especially in the winter (UGH).

NHL didn’t want to go home. He was having a blast trying puzzles, playing with clay, coloring and other things that were out for the kids to try. We finally got him to go and we stopped at the library before heading back to my parents.

We got there and we all enjoyed mom’s yummy banana cheesecake that she made with Splenda. It was really “tasty” as NHL would say.

So now I sit here and get myself ready to cry next Wednesday when we take NHL to his first day of real school.

Where did my baby go? Next thing I know he’ll be 13 and a Bar Mitzvah.

C’est Moi

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