Baby tawking characters must STOP

Thanks to my friend L I finally figured out why I do not like a show that NHL now enjoys. Jack’s Big Music Show seems to really engage NHL. He loves to dance and sing along with it on Noggin, but it annoys the heck out of me. I thought it was just the songs, but I knew there was something else. Sure enough L helped me to solve the mystery . . . it’s the voice of Jack. Why? Well, the person that does Baby Bear on Sesame Street is Jack. I can not stand Baby Bear. I think it is wrong that a children’s educational show promotes a character that does baby talk with a horrid speech impediment. Sure it’s cute when kids say something wrong, but we do not want this to continue forever. These characters seem to promote it and as an educator it really bothers me.

Vent over

C’est Moi

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