Calgon take me far, far away!!!


Thanks, I needed that. I have been crying almost all day and things keep getting worse. Where to begin. I guess this morning.

– I took NHL to school. After I left him (no tears) I felt like I was leaving my child in a place where nobody wanted him or was willing to work with him. Sad isn’t it that I feel this way on only his 11th day of school.

– I have been sick since last week. I was hoping poor JSL would avoid it. No such luck. The poor baby is so stuffed up. He keeps sneezing and has a crusty nose. Nobody has the Little Nose saline drops around here so I will try more locations tomorrow. For now I just hope to keep him comfortable enough to nurse and sleep. He’s so easy going though – he smiles even though he sounds and looks like crud.

– JL got a strange credit card in the mail. I had him call about it since he did not request it. It was legit. Apparently it was the new card for a department store that we supposedly got notice about and did not opt out of. Thanks to this scare we decided tonight to run a credit report since we get 3 free from each bureau each calendar year.  Please recall this for later on.

– This afternoon when I picked NHL up his teacher was avoiding me. Great, lovely, wonderful. This confirmed my first point above. Apparently he had a decent morning , but a bad afternoon. Not sure who, but he hit a teacher. Mind you his teacher was NOT going to tell me this. I really am close to giving up since they seem to be. They won’t take any suggestions I have to help the situation. I know he’s testing them, but they need to grow a set and set up consequences for bad actions in the classroom. He’s a very young 4, but I know he’s aware of what he’s doing.

– Thanks to the above I opted not to go to the PTA meeting at school tonight. Instead I went to Target to look for said saline drops for JSL and get a few other items. While there I got a call from JL. He just got an automated call from the credit card company about a fraud alert (not the one from this morning). He called them back. . . . sure enough a $3500 charge that he did NOT make. The account is frozen and they are looking into it. I have to say they are damn good. We think this literally happened minutes before the call since they really had sketchy details. So now we HAVE to do the credit check to see what the heck is going on.

– While JL was on the phone with the credit card company NHL was on the couch. He moved his legs and knocked my laptop off the couch (I leave it there to use when I am nursing JSL). JL told him to keep his legs away and picked the computer back up and put it on the couch. Don’t you know my sweet (note the sarcasm) child kicked it right back off the couch. Luckily it seems to work, but he killed two items. My USB mouse is dead and the port it was in is toast as well. GRRRRRRR!!!!!

– So I walked back into the house to NHLcrying in his bed, JSL sobbing, and JL trying to sort out the credit woes. Seriously this is enough for one day. I think I’m going to crawl under the covers to avoid doing another other damage to myself.

C’est Moi

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  • Sandra says:

    I am about to pass out so whatever I write wont make sense right now, will touch base with you tomorrow. I just want you to know I am thinking of you and here for you! Hang in there- things will work out one way or another! Hugs!