New rocking chair

Last Sunday we traveled about 2 1/2 hours each way to help celebrate JL’s grandmother’s 93rd birthday. JL’s parents, sister and her family, aunt, uncle and their three children and all of their kids were there. It was at a really fancy shmancy hotel. Several of his cousin’s had just heard about JSL – not sure how they were never told that I was pregnant, but it happened. I guess that shows how close people are in JL’s family (sad).

We had a nice time visiting with everyone. Grandma had her two children, 5 grandchildren, and 10 great grandkids all there to celebrate with her (along with spouses of everyone) and was a little overwhelmed with what was going on. NHL had a blast seeing his cousin AG and JSL enjoyed smiling at everyone. JL took a lot of photos, but I don’t have them to share now. I will update those later.

Uncle D and Aunt R gave JSL a gift for his birth. The day before they went to a craft show and bought him a hand painted rocking chair. It’s gorgeous and both boys will get a lot of use from it. Here are some photos.

 JSL new rocking chair from Uncle D & Aunt R


Top of rocking chair


Closer view of JSL's rocking chair

Soon after I took these photos of the rocking chair I placed JSL in it for the first time. Here is his reaction:

 First reaction in the rocking chair


JSL in his new rocking chair

Next it was time for both of the boys together. Please note how both of them are not able to smile together, but a silly face works.


NHL and JSL in rocking chair

After that it was time for tacking daddy – or maybe they just wanted to watch the television:

 NHL & JSL tackling daddy

And last but not least my three boys!

 My boys

C’est Moi

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  • Sandra says:

    That is a really cool chair. Make sure you keep it for one of them to give to their little boy someday. I have my wooden rocker that our next door neighbor made. Jenna uses it now and I plan to keep it for her to give to her child. J looked so tiny in the chair! You should take his picture in it again in a year!

  • TheAngelForever says:

    Sandra: Assuming it makes it through the two boys (things aren’t always made the way they used to be) this will definitely be passed on with JSL for his kids. And I love he idea of photos in it to show how JSL is growing. I will definitely try to remember to do it. Please remind me – OK?

    C’est Moi