Bittersweet Soap Co. – “Pretty in Pink” winner is ME!

The other day I received an e-mail from Jill at Bittersweet Soap Co. that I had won her October "Pretty in Pink" giveaway. I was so excited since her things are gorgeous. Today my package arrived and it is even more wonderful in person. Photos do not do it justice.

The following is what I found when I opened the box. I had to laugh since it was the graphic that was on Jill’s post about me winning.


Next was a cute little pouch with a brochure from Bittersweet as well as a business card:


This was inside: 


Love how cute these were. Just a great homemade touch:


Below the box that was packed extremely well for travel was the following "Pretty in Pink" box of goodies all wrapped up:


Thanks to the three boys I have not been able to open it further, but I can not wait to see and try these gorgeous items.

Here is what is listed inside  from Jill’s giveaway page (photos to come later):

Pretty In Pink gifty box is filled with skin embellishing items like.. a bar of Bittersweet’s signature Holiday Soap, Cranberry Spice, an Aromatic Room Fragrance in the same spicy sweet smell, to help you to have an aromatic holiday, a Lavender Liniment, just in case you get a cold and need some soothing relief, and a White Chocolate Lip Balm so you’ll have lip smack-en soft lips to kiss with. Since it’s happy October, you’ll be doing lot’s of kissing!

Jill thanks SO much – I love it :)

C’est Moi


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