Bithday party fun & future request

Saturday morning NHL was invited to a birthday party for one of his classmates. The party was going to be at a local place that is similar to Chuck E Cheese. He had not been there in over 2 years when Laura had her son’s party there. On that day he was very overwhelmed by the place. Thanks to this we were a bit afraid of how he would react. We made sure to talk very positively about the place and let him no that there would NOT be a costume (please see recent Chuck E Cheese "fun" here and here).

Wow, were we surprised! From the moment he walked into the place he was ready to go. He was so excited to go on all of the rides (except the roller coaster), climb with Daddy, and play games. It was funny watching NHL grabbing his friend to go on everything with him. He also proved that he is my boy. He loved the fast moving ride that went forward and then backward. The party included unlimited rides for two hours, 50 game points, and one of the extra exhibits (NHL wanted to feed the "parrots"). Here are some photos from the fun: 

Birthday party fun

The real test of the day came when we had to try to remove him from the party. He did not want to leave after almost three hours. NHL has also asked to go back with us and has requested to have his 5th birthday party at this location as well. I guess we need to start thinking about this even though it is seven months away!


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