I Give Up – Sickies Win

Would someone PLEASE give the message to all bacteria and viruses that I officially give up?!?!  They win and can go the H-E Double Hockey Sticks away! Seriously it is now technically spring (not that you would know from the weather here) and we can not seem to shake being sick here. OK – so technically we went about two weeks without anything, but now BAM it is back in force.

Saturday night NHL was not feeling well. He woke up throughout the night with a barking/hacking croupy cough and fever. We gave him meds and kept him quiet most of the day. Sunday I was in agony. Before going to bed Saturday night I told JL that my right breast was killing me. It felt a little warm and if anything brushed up against it I was ready to scream. I went to bed and hoped for the best. JSL woke up during the night thanks to NHL being sick and nursed on it (something he never does in the night) and it was horrible. The shooting pain just kept getting worse all day and I ached all over. Needless to say we were quite a group on Sunday. Sunday night JL helped me to hot compress my breast to try to help it in case it was mastitis starting to settle in. At this point I was ready to try anything since I was in tears and had chills.

Yesterday we took NHL to the doctor. His fever would not stop climbing if he did not have Tylenol or Motrin in him. We got there and got a virus diagnosis, but he did have fluid in his ears. *sigh*    I went to my doctor to have myself looked at since they wanted to see me. The NP said that she could tell from me still being swollen that there was definitely a very clogged duct at one point. She was very happy that I was able to keep the mastitis away at least at this point. She told JSL to stop biting me and causing the cracking on my poor body and told me she would look into something else for me. She also gave me a prescription for an antibiotic just in case I need it for mastitis if it comes back.

Fast-forward to last night. NHL’s coughing woke up JSL. We decided to keep JSL in our room and not expose him any further to the night coughing of NHL. NHL’s fever was soaring high and Motrin and Tylenol are not controlling it – not even together. I ended up sleeping in NHL’s bed with him for 3 hours to keep him in bed. I am sure I am in for this next thanks to the coughing exposure. Right now (5:30) his temperature with Motrin (6-8 hour medicine) given at 2:00 is 101.8. We gave Tylenol and are hoping it kicks in. He has not had a febrile seizure since he was 11 months old, but the scare is always there. . . especially since I will be home with both of the boys alone today (JL was home yesterday).

On that note I am off. JSL just woke up and now he is coughing too. *sigh*

If you could please help me to reinforce the message to the sickies to GO AWAY!


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  • Laurie says:

    I hope that everyone gets feeling better soon! I’m sick too. Bummer!!

  • Candi says:

    Oh no!! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!! I was on the verge of mastitis right after Lucas was born. I’d never had it before, but man it is serious stuff!! I looked up symptoms and it said if you felt like you had been hit by a truck, you probably had mastitis! Okay, well, I had just given birth 2 days before that, so that didn’t help matters. I was able to massage it and nurse Lucas and it got better through the night. Funny how a little ole thing like a clogged duct can make you feel that bad!!