Passover Ponderings

Growing up I really loved Passover. It was a fun holiday. We were able to see many of our relatives, tell the  story of the holiday and eat amazing food during the Seder. I have fond memories of many Passover seders at my Mimi and Poppy’s house. Whether it was at the house that they shared with Aunt T and Uncle H, or their apartment after selling the house – it was always wonderful times. After that we spent many Passovers at Aunt S and Uncle M’s house where the memories continued. The only negative in my childhood memory bank was taking lunch to school. Matzah and cream cheese got old after a while.

Flash forward to being an adult. Things have changed a lot. I still like the seders and passing on the traditions to our boys, but now I see the expense of the holiday (Passover food is flipping expensive) and know the preparations needed to kosher everything for the holiday. That does not even account for actually making the food for the seders.

This is a sneak peek of one of the cabinets that is housing our Passover food while we clean the kitchen for the upcoming week. There is a lot behind the front and we have even more in another cabinet. One of the items you can barely see is the pink of a 5 pound box of matzah  (behind the water) – a necessary beast. We were also lucky to score some Tam Tam crackers for the little guy to have. We were not sure we would find them thanks to the shortage this year. We never get pancake mix, but thought JSL may enjoy it since he likes pancakes. The cost of the tuna makes me ILL. Kosher for Passover tuna costs $1.88 a can!! Sick isn’t it?

Hidden Passover food stash

And here is even more stuff: 

Oy vey. . . more Passover food

The other cabinet has gefilte fish and a few other odds and ends. We also have some Passover stuffed cabbage (already made) in the freezer,  along with boneless chicken breasts and turkey to make burgers. Oh, there is also a lot of cream cheese, yogurt and cheese in the refrigerator. We can not forget that since it is crucial.  We probably will not need much more aside from lots of produce since we bulk up on meals with veggies (lots of salad) and snacks are fruit filled.

Oy vey . . . Passover is coming way too quickly for me.  Off I go to flood my brain with happy childhood memories of the holiday.


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