Last Days of Nursery School

This morning was rough. NHL was quite upset that today is the last day of nursery school for many of the kids. He has another two weeks left because his PT/OT services continue on during that time. Right before leaving the house he told me he did not want to go. Then he mentioned that he wants to go and visit the new kindergarten school and does not want to leave his current school. While it is wonderful to know how much he loves where he is right now, I cringe thinking about what may happen in the fall.

For now I am going to remember the amazing year we had once we switched to the location he is at now instead of worrying . . . too much at least. I will make sure that NHL remembers the amazing teachers, the fabulous Jewish holiday celebrations (nice bonus for us), the swim lessons, and all of the fun projects that he made.

These are some of the art work by the kids that were displayed on the walls recently: 

Farm unit display by kids

 More on the farm

 Honey combs and bees

Last week NHL’s class had their end of the year party. All of the parents were invited to have lunch with the class to celebrate and watch the kids get awards. The teachers did a wonderful job presenting the nursery school diplomas to make the kids excited. In addition they each received an amazing bag of goodies. 

NHL gets his diploma

 What a happy boy!

And last but not least some photos from the end of the year music concert that was on June 4. 

End of Year concert

I truly hope that NHL can remember the fun times that he had this year at nursery school. We had our doubts after the nightmarish start at what I am not calling "The EVIL school," but thanks to his therapists at the time we had an amazing year. Here’s to hoping next year gets off to a nice start.


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  • Candi says:

    Wow–that is some really cute artwork!! Looks like he was very excited about the “graduation” ceremony!

  • kailani says:

    My daughter was like that, too. I guess it’s the unknown that bothers them. Once she got used to the new school and kids, she had a blast!

    Love the bee hive artwork!