Another nighttime scare

Tonight JL and I decided to order in some Japanese food as a treat and then watch a movie. Last night we were up most of the evening with one of the boys. NHL had several horrible nightmares and then was up for the day at 5:00. JSL woke up just as we were about to go to sleep and was hysterical. He was hungry, cranky and would not settle. Each time he would go to sleep NHL would stir. JL and I were walking, talking zombies during the day. We figured it would be a nice treat after we got the boys into bed after last night.

NHL quickly fell asleep and JSL was still up when our food arrived. We were able to eat some of it. Then I heard NHL say something in his room. When I walked in he was staring at me. I jumped back since I was not expecting him up in bed. Then he started shivering uncontrollably. I tried to hold him and he was unresponsive. I called JL into the room. When he came in I already had NHL standing up. By this point his eyes were making odd movements and he was still shaking. The poor kid then proceeds to have an accident. He was barely making any sense when he talked and could not say much.

I was spooked beyond belief. It reminded me of when he was acting odd before his febrile seizure almost four years ago. JL called my parents just in case we had to head to the ER. Yes, I was trying to prepare in case of the worst. Meanwhile we noticed a big red spot on NHL’s neck. It looked similar to the blotches that he had back in March 2007.

By the time my parents arrived NHL was starting to talk. He was able to tell us who we were and was complaining about being hungry, tired and wet. A call in for the doctor was returned rather quickly. We came to the conclusion that he likely had a horrid night terror that mimicked a seizure. 

My heart is still in my throat and I am scared beyond belief. I truly hope that this will be the first and only time that this happens.  I seriously do not know how much more my heart can take



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  • Tanya says:

    I can’t imagine the fear you felt when this happened. I hope everything is better and this is the only time you have to experience that!

  • Susan says:

    Poor Kiddo and poor mommy, That is so scary.

  • Anne says:

    omg how scary for you and him. Glad it was nothing serious though.

  • Mrs Mogul says:

    OHHH! My son had a febrile seizure last month! His first (AND HOPEFULLY LAST!) one!

    It was sooo scary. He had a fever and had to stay overnight at the hospital!

    Luckily it does’nt do damage

  • birdie says:

    Oh my gosh! That is so scary! Glad everything seems to be ok. What an evening you had!

  • Yikes, that is scary! Night terrors, nightmares, scary dreams whatever you like to call it can be so debilitating. W.W likes to say he has ghosts and monsters in his room which we have to make leave before he goes to bed. I often tell him they are already asleep and can’t scare him anymore. I think this started with my older kids jumping out behind doors and scaring him and the like. He also likes to sleep with a flashlight and a TON of stuffed animals. I never knew little boys could love stuffed animals so much.

    I digress. I’m very very glad he is ok.

  • Damselfly says:

    Yikes! Sometimes my son wakes up screaming and hyperventilating, but he hasn’t had a seizure. That would frighten anyone for sure!

  • Oh my gosh, I’m so glad he is ok. I know that scared you so bad. Poor baby!!

  • Wendy says:

    Man, I sure hope it was just a night terror. Noah used to have them and they scared the hell out of me. I looked back at the pix of the rash. Did they ever figure out what caused it?

  • Kim says:

    Oh my! I think you need to do something to get those boys of yours under control. How dare they get you all worried like that over and over again? I hope it’s nothing and he’s better today!

  • Wow! That is scary. My little guy had a fainting spell last year and his doc was concerned it could have been a seizure. We went through quite a few tests but never really got any answers.

    I hope all stays well and uneventful from here on out.

  • Renee says:

    Kassidy had night terrors when she was younger. They were AWFUL! Before I knew what they were I thought she was possessed or something. Seriously, it scared the wits out of me! I hope NHL outgrows these quickly!