An eye glue experience

Dear NHL,

Right now you are sleeping peacefully in your bed. This is a very good thing after the last few days. I know you do not understand everything that is going on, but mommy and daddy will take care of you. We promise to get your allergies under control so that the stuffy nose and cough leave you alone.

Just when we thought that was the only thing going on you woke up screaming and so scared just before 4:00 this morning. When Daddy arrived in your room you declared that your eye was stuck shut. Sure enough your left eye had junk all around it. You were such a brave kiddo letting Daddy get everything off. Of course you would not go back to sleep. You were too afraid of your eye getting glued shut again.

When we went to the doctor today you were such a big boy telling them everything that was wrong. You even mentioned how you bit your own hand while eating breakfast. Thank goodness we found out that your breathing is nothing serious, your ears look fine, but the eye is a different story. You most definitely have pink eye (Mommy knew that) and now have to use medicine for a week.

I know that you hate having eye medicine, but please try to be brave. When you kick, scream, and move around it only takes that much longer. Daddy and I promise to do our part to make this go as quickly as possible.

To Urgent Care we go

 I love you kindergarten kid,


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