Cure for a cold

This morning hubby took care of the boys so I could get some extra rest. Why was he so sweet to try to give me this extra sleep? He knew that I was up most of the night thanks to a certain issue.

What was the issue you ask?  It was quite simple –> My nose decided to have a life of its own and complicate mine.

I had forgotten how evil colds are and this one has quickly reminded me of their power to control all things.

Luckily I stil have creative license with my mind. While unable to sleep in bed this morning I thought of a perfect cure for the common cold. Here it is . . . . 

Cure for the Common Cold

Sure, it may be a little messy. However, if used correctly it could easily clean out the congestion in a person’s nose as well as their sinuses. Can you imagine the pressure that would be relieved from this bad boy?

Can you tell I need some more sleep? 

I am off to plan out the day. Lots to do and not a lot of time to rest, tis the life of a mommy!



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