Singular Detox

Nobody ever tells you that taking a child off of an allergy medicine could be hazardous to your own health. Seriously, taking NHL off of Singular, thanks to it poisoning his body, has been hellish for all involved. His mood, behavior, tantrums, and impulsivity have been better overall, but every so often the horrid Singular shows its ugly face.

Last Monday NHL had a fabulous day at school. Tuesday and Wednesday he was home for Rosh Hashana. Tuesday was not too bad. He was pretty good at services, but Wednesday was a different story. I took NHL to the services for kids in kindergarten to second grade. What I witnessed was pretty much what NHL’s teachers had been describing. He was unable to sit still, he was nervous acting, he acted on pure impulses and had no control of what he was saying/doing. It was horrible. Of course I understood that my child had no idea of what he was doing, but the other people there did not. Our of sheer horror of looks and stares I finally was able to get NHL to leave with me. Of course he came with me making a major scene. I was mortified!

Thursday NHL had another rough day in kindergarten. His teacher greeted me with the news that he had received five checks/warnings. In addition to this, she mentioned that he had actually hit another child. The consequence of this was to sit and write a letter to the other child and no recess (probably the worst thing for him). Thankfully NHL’s teacher is very understanding and knows that we have only been off the Singular for about a week and it will take 2-4 depending on who you talk to.


Friday was a fabulous day. I was nervous picking NHL up from school since I never know the report I am going to get. Both of his teachers were at the door and put up a "0" – telling me that he had NO warnings all day! One of the teachers actually came out to make sure that NHL told me about all of the wonderful things he had done. She also showed me his notebook with a sticker in it! The kindergarten kid was so happy. He immediately wanted to call JL to tell him about the day. We did that, stopped by Papa at work and then went home. As a treat NHL had a special Friday night with Nana. She said he was like himself again. Calm, talking, and focused. . . things that had been missing for months. 

Super NHL's cape 

Up, up and away!

As we start a new week I am hoping for the best, but know it may still take more time. Patience for items like this have never been my thing. Hopefully Super NHL can show everyone that he can beat that horrible Singular out of his system!



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  • Nancy says:

    I’m glad NHL’s behavior is improving – soon he’ll be back to that sweet boy you have been missing!

  • Steffj89 says:

    mine is the opposite…i am actually thinking of giving keif benadryl on school mornings because it calms him down

  • Sheila says:

    Sounds to me like you have a good support system with your sons teachers. Sometimes you don’t get so lucky. I hope you get the allergy kinks worked out for your own sanity and hope your son feels better soon!

    No for for anyone when they’re miserable. Will be thinking of ya!

  • Aubrey says:

    I am so glad that things are getting back to normal Angel!. Even though it is a slow process. Soon hopefully you will have a hard time even remembering what the evil singular did to your sweet little boy. Keep up the great work NHL! I love the Super Cape too!

  • cora says:

    i am glad that your son is getting better! my son too has allergy but he’s 21 yrs old already and I don’t notice actually the side effects of the betnetone that he’s taking whenever he needs it. what is your son taking for allergy.? i do not have any knowledge about that “singular” nice daym By the way, i just added your site to my blog roll! so i can always find my way back here.

  • Sandra says:

    Hang in there…uphill from here! I know first hand how awful medicine can make your wonderful child act. When Princess has to go on her Albuterol for more than one shot she gets very ornery. (thats keeping it nice LOL) And I remember some Singular days. I noticed it soon because of knowing what other meds have done to her. It’s not worth it in the end to have a child who is upset because they honestly do not know why they are being bad! He will be so happy to feel like his old sweet self again!

  • Kim says:

    I’m so glad things are getting better. He’ll be back before you know it!

  • I didn’t know singular was addicting. Makes me think it’s a warning somebody should told you about ahead of time. Especially when it came to take him off it.

    I’m glad he’s doing better though. I bet after the weekend must of it will be out of his system.

  • I am SO glad he had such a stellar day! Hoping he has many more to come.