The “joys” of owning a home

On Election Day I was greeted in the bathroom with a leak under our sink.  I was just sitting there and suddenly heard air and water dripping at the same time. This is never a good sign. Sure enough I looked under the sink and saw water oozing out of the pipe.

What a sweet way to have our house say good morning to me on such a monumental day in United States history. We were in a hurry to head to a parent/teacher conference for NHL and then I went to vote with the boys. Still, I made an effort to put out calls and e-mails to people asking for recommendations of a plumber.  NHL suggested "Joe the Plumber"  . . . .  JL and I prefer licensed plumbers, so that was not a real option (*wink*).

When I arrived home I put in a call for a plumber that came highly recommended and was quoted as being reasonably priced. Fast forward to Friday. Yes, you read that right. We never heard back from the plumber until Friday morning. Sure, I could have been angry, but we were all so sick we were not really up to a plumber in the house anyway so it worked out.

When he called at about 8:40 he said he would be over in about 20 minutes. There I was standing in my pajamas with a 17 month old refusing to nap. I quickly got dressed and moved toys out of the path of anyone coming into and out of the bathroom.

Anyone care to guess how long the plumber was here?  

Cue the Jeopardy music and I will leave you with this. . . . . .    he fixed the sink and cleared two clogs in different parts of the house. Oh and he said he had never seen a clog quite as bad as one of them in a LONG time.


NaBloPoMo '08


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  • Nina says:

    I am so lucky that my husband is able to do all those things around the house. Of course it takes him forever to do any home improvemement projects and I would be so much better off hiring someone but it is nice to not break out the wallet for those types of things.

    I hope everyone is feeling better.

  • VeRonda says:

    I think I can assume you and baby could’ve taken a nap? LOL! At least everything’s fixed now. House stuff sucks.

  • Sheila says:

    2 1/2 hrs. is my guess. You should periodically pour alittle bleach /water down your drains to keep them from clogging.

  • At least he showed up and fixed it. Sometimes they just ever show up much less call you back. ;)